Phantom Wallet For Solana Blockchain

  • Swap tokens
  • Display your digital assets
  • Ledger and Web3 Support
  • SOL staking

Installing Phantom Wallet

Creating a new Solana Wallet

  • Click on create new wallet.
  • You would be presented a 12 word secret recovery phase. Keep this in a safe place as once lost can never be retrieved and also DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE.
  • Click OK, I saved it somewhere once they are saved somewhere safe.
  • Create a password to safe guard and encrypt your wallet and would be needed each time you want to access your wallet. Confirm password, agree to terms and save.
  • Click Continue, then click Finish.
  • Your wallet would appear at the top of your browser under extensions.
  • Your wallet address is located on the top of the wallet, in our case, EEj2…vGYy— click on this to copy the address to your clipboard.

Funding Solana Wallet

  • Using FTX which I would recommend because of its tight integration with Solana. Buy and withdraw to your wallet.
  • Using any other exchange that you already have that supports SOL withdrawals.
  • Ask a friend to send you some SOL tokens or use a bridge to bridge SOL from another blockchain.

Buying SOL on FTX

  • Head over to FTX: There are 3 main markets to buy SOL on FTX which includes SOL/USD, SOL/USDT and SOL/BTC.
  • Once purchased, head over to withdraw and enter the amount of SOL to you want to withdraw, enter you new SOL wallet address. You would be sent an authentication message via SMS/Email. Authenticate and click the withdraw button to withdraw.
  • After several minutes, your SOL token should be in your wallet.

Adding new wallets

  • Open the sidebar and click Add / Connect Wallet.
  • Click on either create a new wallet, import an existing one using a private key, or connect your Ledger hardware wallet.
  • When you click on new wallet, a new wallet with a different wallet address would be created for you instantly.
  • When you click on import an existing wallet, you would import that wallet by pasting in your private key associated with the wallet you are trying to import.
  • Go to the website and click on the connect button to connect your phantom wallet to the site.
  • Once connected, the button changes to mint, click on mint and wait a few minutes to see your NFT.




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